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Louisville is preparing itself to fully explore and benefit from the advantages of tourism. Louisville citizens need to increase their hometown IQ in order to also benefit. Decisions that affect the lives of all citizens are made by a relatively small group of people. Many of those people are public and not-for-profit employees.

And, it seems that the decision makers live and operate in a narrow zip code range. I want more people from more zip codes to get informed and to get involved. I want more Louisville residents to see and understand why their hometown is a place worth visiting. I also want more residents to understand how tourism affects how the city operates.

For starters,

Become a Louisville Insider

Why be uninformed when information is easy to get and is beneficial to your quality of life. You should at least know the names and affiliations of the people you hear about on the local news. Not the murder-death-kill reports, but the actual Louisville, Ky news that keeps curious citizens informed about what’s going on in the city in terms of politics, money, and other resources.

A good place to start increasing your hometown IQ is by regularly reading the online Louisville, KY news publication, InSider Louisville. You should also read Business First.

To get the most out of reading both, you’ll need to start paying attention to who’s who. People matter. Knowing who is in charge of what agency, organization, business, or not-for-profit really helps make sense of the decisions that are shaping the city.  Insider Louisville is an especially good source for reliable, breaking intel about a lot that’s going on in the city.

Also, visit the website of  CVB – The Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau. You can get a free city guide, buy tickets to attractions, and learn about special discounts. Plus, according to Business First, the CVB has an annual operating budget of $15+ million and employs close to 100 people. And the salaries are worth knowing about when you’re researching employment opportunities. The CVB is an information powerhouse.

Why visit the usual suspects?

Next, everyone should consider visiting the top 10 tourist sites – the things that other people travel here to see and do. You should know at least as much about your hometown as other people.

Did you know that Louisville was …

Do you feel it? Don’t you want to know why? All of these kudos could affect your quality of life. We’ll explore how in future posts in the Staycation Ideas category.

Also, Louisville attractions are employment sites. These jobs are of course for city citizens. Do you know someone looking for employment? Help them expand their possibilities.

FYI: Tourist attractions can be divided into for-profit and nonprofit. Knowing this is important when trying to figure out the reasoning behind some decisions.

Top 5 for-profit tourist attractions

Ranked by 2012 attendance per The List.

  • Fourth Street Live (#1)
  • Churchill Downs (#3)
  • Louisville Slugger Field (#6)
  • Lousiville Mega Cavern (#9)
  • 21c Museum Hotel (#10)

note: #’s 2, 4, 5, 7, & 8 were Indiana attractions.

Top 5 nonprofit tourist attractions

  • Louisville Zoo (#1)
  • Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium (#2 – yes, it’s nonprofit :-)
  • The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts (#3)
  • Kentucky Science Center (#4)
  • Kentucky Derby Museum (#5)

So what about Staycation Ideas – the category?

This post is an introduction to what I’ll write about at 16Conscious Hours under this category. I’ll explore the who, what, when, where, why, and how of staycationing in Louisiville – the general concepts are applicable to other cities but my examples and focus will be Louisville based.

I’ll talk about Staycation Ideas from different angles – for  singles, couples, families with young children, and groups of adults. There’s something in Possibility City for everyone. Rather you want to eat and drink, socialize, learn something, see something, hear something, participate in something, or just relax and enjoy the view, there’s lots for you right here in Louisville.

7 reasons to staycation

  1. it can pay off in multiple ways – you will have a great time and may also find a lead for your next career move
  2. buying local helps the local economy – that’s good for us all
  3. you save time – spend it wisely
  4. you save money – less gas spent
  5. you get to know your hometown
  6. you meet new people from across the city
  7. you’ll know what all the national hype is about
  8. you increase your hometown IQ

Now what? Well, get out their and enjoy the city AND pay attention to who is doing what and why. Please report back anything you found especially interesting. You can do so in the comments below or at another spot at 16ConsciousHours – or tweet @gwendolynkelly.



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